Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Summer goodies on their way :D

I've been finalizing fabric selections for our summer sets, and thought I'd post a couple of sneak peaks! I can promise you that these shorts look great over baby leggings - my youngest has been relying on these to keep his legs warm while modeling for me in our freezing Melbourne Spring! Our shorts (unless otherwise specified) are made from a butter-soft 100% cotton denim - cool and breathable - perfect for warm weather!

For the girls :)

... and a cheeky monkey!

And ... last but not least ... pink cord! (Thanks to the suggestion of two Nappy Addicts :)) I pounded the pavement between Melbourne's fabric warehouses on Saturday only to be told I'd never find pink cord this season! Well - pink cord drought or not, I managed to find some on my last stop for the day! Its 100% cotton and gorgeous - a beautiful bright, vibrant colour. I also picked up some deep purple and baby blue - I'm looking forward to getting it washed and sewn up :)

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Tracey said...

OMG how cute is that monkey!!!