Monday, January 18, 2010

Jeans fans needed for testing!

Happy new year everyone!

*ETA: All testing spots are full now - thank you so much everyone for your interest!*

I'm currently looking for some little cloth wearers to help test sizes 1 and 2! I have slightly altered a feature of size 1, and some of the tots helping with earlier testing of size 2 have toilet trained :)

The jeans are ready to be posted, and the testing period will be from receipt until the 7th of February '10. Due to it being summer, very light and soft summer denim has been used for your bub's comfort.

Testers need to be full time (daytime) cloth nappy wearers - and preferably not too close to toilet training! Both boys and girls are welcome - but I would prefer size 1 testers to be around the 11/12kg mark, and size 2 testers to be around the 13/14kg mark.

If you're interested in participating, please email me your child's age (in months) and weight to tigernautjeans @ (without the 2 spaces).

Of course, testing is totally free - all I need is your thorough and candid feedback! :D

Oh! Before I forget - I've taken 20% off summer sets on the website. Stock up for next year, birthday pressies, or just for the hot weeks ahead of us!


JORDAN said...

I have a size 2 (in normal clothes) boy in cloth I'd be happy to test for you, hes 16 months :)

~Sally~ said...

I'm really glad I subscribed to your newsletter a while back, it's led me here and to your facebook page!