Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, I have been a super-slack blogger of late, but I'm back into the swing of things now!

March was simply huge! Firstly DH and I saw our first live music gig since the birth of DS1 4.5 years ago! I've sworn I will do it again soon - I'd forgotten what an incredible experience it is. We saw the Pixies at Festival Hall. They were absolutely sublime - if you have the chance to see them on their Australian tour - do it if you can. I'm besotted all over again - every CD in the house is playing the Pixies! (Above is a pic of the funky bags they were selling).

Secondly it was the month of the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt (GDUNH). I had a lot of fun sewing madly to get as many outfits out as possible! Here are a couple of my favourites:

Woodstock on purple cord.

Apples on red cord.

Mushrooms on pink cord.

Owls on red cord.

From now on, I'll be working through some customs, then I'm hoping to have a stocking around mid-May, where I'll be opening up my custom list again. Thank you everyone for your support during the GDUNH - it was awesome!

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