Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Marieke Skirts ... and Gossamer Dreams

When I found out our Gossamer Dreams theme was 'Eden', no fabric better summed it up than Kristen Doran's 'Peacock Garden', which features sprawling flowers, and beautifully detailed peacocks (pictured above). I wanted to show it off as best I could, and after lots of scribbling and experimenting, I came up with the Marieke Skirt. It is fully lined, and made from the softest and lightest denim you'll ever find. The decorative panel extends the full width of the front panel, and when the wearer moves, you can see more of the fabric.

I hope you like it! I have 3 for sale at tonights Gossamer Dreams - stocking at 8pm EST.

Peacock Garden

Scandinavian Trees

I'm also very excited to have collaborated with Mel from Beetlebums to create a matching Scandinavian Trees set of a gorgeous (as always!) Beetlebums Pocket Nappy and size 2 Tigernaut Jeans shorts set. All proceeds will go to flood relief, and the auction bidding begins at 8pm tonight.

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