Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Girly give-away!

Being a Mum to 2 boys, I need some goss on what girls love to wear!

I have up for grabs a pair of size 2 Tigernaut Jeans made in a gorgeous Sevenberry fine cord, with pink Matryoshka pockets.

To enter, simply tell me what you'd like to see for girls from Tigernaut Jeans this year (winter or summer). Do you want to see more jeans? Or more skirts? Which fabrics and prints do you prefer? I'd love to hear!

I'll draw the winner at 9pm (Vic time/AEDT) on Sunday night :D


ella said...

i like jeans made from soft denim, pinny's are great as well as you can wear them by themselves in summer or put layers under and over them in winter..
my fav fabrics at the moment are anything vintage eg. small flowers, retro colours, vintage prints. then add a bit of lace for good measure lol.
as for desidgners i'm loving a few Leicien house designers/collections, also Eleanor Grosch-zoo menagerie
Patricia Bravo's collection, Paradise has some amazing colour combos in it and the designs are right up my alley! lol,
hope this was what you were after, would love to try a pair of your pants :D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Matroyshka for my girls (it's my heritage).
Colour wise, it would be great to see some girly non pink fabrics and colours, Red is a fav of mine, as is purple and green together. Even some Lemon is good. I AM SO SICK OF PINK!! LOL
As for prints, anything goes really, although Dragonflies are one of my favourite things - and strawberries too.
As for styles - pants and skirts are both great, pinafore style dresses are gorgous too.
Hope this has helped somewhat!
Louise C

Anonymous said...

I like jeans in a light/soft demin. Skirts are great in the same light demin too. Pinny's are an excellent choice for winter and summer ( I have only just discovered them ).
Fabrics - there are so many gorgeous ones out there but I love all things girly ( butterflies, birds, babushka dolls etc etc ). I also love dot, spots and stripe fabric as you can mix and match tops with these fabrics on pants.
Colours - I would love too see more navy blue items with girly fabrics, reds, purples and even chocolate brown is gorgeous on girls. Hope that helped.
Rebecca B

Bonita said...

i like super girly stuffs :) what about skirts with inbuilt soaker/leggings? Also I love dresses as well. Lace and ribbons looks elegant and graceful <3 i love colorful prints fabrics, or rose.

just my 2 cents :)

Bonita said...

just to add to my previous comment, denim overalls are so cute as well!

Melanie Scholes said...

My daughter and I love your denim jeans, they are so soft and comfy and she gets comments on them all the time, even though they are probably now too short for her! I think the classic colours are the best because then you can team with different tops and jackets, blue, red, black and grey.
Maybe some more cordoroy (is that spelt right) designs as they are perfect for winter. Some more animal prints would be fantastic aswell as my daughter is very into animals at the moment.
Pink is all the rage for girls so some more pink fabric would be much appreciated. Hope that helps!

Shirls said...

I love dressing my girls in light denim over summer, its such a great fabric that hides the stains my outdoor loving girls manage to obtain! Skirts are a real fave here as my girls (3 & 2) are both toilet trained, and they are easier for them manage. I really really LOVE your new range of Marieke skirts, would like to see lots more of them!
As for fabrics to go with, I'm a sucker for polka dots and parisian themed. We don't mind pinks, but tend to purchase more purple, blue, yellow, green and reds. Also some collections I'd love to see you use include - My Folklore, Isso Eco & Heart 2 (Lecien House Designer), Spring Street (Caroyln Gavin) & Kumari Garden (Dena Fishbein)

Sorry I've rambled on, I love fabric just a little bit too much lol!

Emily said...

Hi Claire,
I just found your site through the nappy hunt, all your things are gorgeous! My Lucy is only 10 weeks but so far we are liking pants more than skirts, your jeans look great. I love the mushrooms and yellow butterfly patterns in your skirt photos, and I prefer non pink colours - red or purple, or blue with a girly pattern like flowers. Owls are always good too! The marieke skirts look great, we'll be keen for one for next summer. We have dogs in our house too so lots of her clothes have dogs on them, they'd be very cute on your clothes too. Great to find clothes that fit cloth nappy bums! All the best and look forward to seeing the new stuff soon!

Maryanne said...

Hi Claire, your clothes are so funky! Thanks for designing pants that fits MCN babies. For girls, I love ruffles - be it on hems or shirt front, or on the bum....just so cute!! A light denim laysuits with snap crotches for easy nappy changes in summer would be sweet or a little smock dress. In winter, you can not go pass overalls in dark denim or cords. I love vintage nature inspired prints, out of your current collection, my fav would be midnight forest. All the best, Maryanne : )

Amy G said...

RED RED RED, I love red, so many girly things are pink and while i like a little bit of pink, nothing compares to a beautiful vibrant red!! Bright colours to match red such and yellow, greens, blues are always cheerful in the cooler months. Pinafores with nice bright bold leggings underneath would be great. I also love animal prints especially ladybirds, however my fave at the moment is monkeys, this is normally a boy thing so a lot of outfits arent suitable for my little girl (aka Cheeky Monkey) so a feminine twist would be nice.

milasmum said...

I love corduroy! So I would like to see cord pinies with beautiful print feature pockets. I am also partial to gypsy style pants in soft denim. These would look cute with print patches. Gypsy pants being a looser fit are great for cloth bottoms :)

howieandcharlie said...

I like soft cord in plum and grey with coordinating fabrics - I reckon the new Saffron Craig range that is about to come out would be fabulous!

Also cool blue denim with aqua and purples :)

I also agree with someone else's comment about Patricia Bravo!

howieandcharlie said...

I like plum and grey with purple and pink fabric - I reckon the new Saffron Craig range that is about to be released would be awesome!

Also cool blue denim with aqua and purple or red/black white combos:)

How about some Laura Gunn? Poppies or Dogwood with denim would be beautiful (and I'll even send you some Poppies if you like :lol)


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of the russian dolls and mushrooms.I like unisex colours and prints. I also love vintage prints. I'm not a fan of flowers or butterflies because they seem to be everywhere.I would like to see the the tiger two's back in the shop, never got to try those. cheers, Ros.C

Manda T said...

I love darker denim for winter. Lots of pinks and purples, lace, ribbons, frills are always good. But I would love to see some girls items that aren't overly girly, if that makes sense! Cowgirl prints like Riley Blake's Wanna Be A Cowboy collection are good (even though some are pink) and things like skulls, tattoo prints etc. I would LOVE to see a sailor type collection (am I asking too much? haha) Reds, whites, blues, anchors etc that would suit boys and girls (and look totally cute!)

helenn82 said...

babushka dolls. I love some of the soft cords too!! Hmm...not sure if my clock is right or wrong! lol

helenn82 said...

Oh yes...I second Bonita on the overalls!!

Anonymous said...

Have I missed it???? Dang nab that knitting. Even if I have missed it I would love your denium shorts with Butterflies. I'm just a little obsessed. :) You make lovely shorts.

Celena - Lesley knows me :)

berniebabe said...

Something red. I love red (and orange) on my girl.
Overalls, have you thought about trying overalls <3

Anything rainbows, clouds, birds