Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our BeetleKissRoar Collaboration!

I've been hugely fortunate to join 2 of the most warm hearted and talented WAHMs around - Lesley from Cherub's Kiss, and Mel from Beetlebums for our first BeetleKissRoar collaboration!

Lesley's gorgeous Auriel has alternating minky and denim panels, with an apple, apple core, and tiny caterpillar on the front. On the back is a divine fluffy minky caterpillar, and the inner is lime minky.

From Mel, there is a funky Inside Out with a fruit panel on the front, and an appliqued caterpillar on the back, munching his way through a leaf. The inner is hand-dyed in beautiful greens and blues.

*Sigh!* How I wish my little one wasn't nearly toilet trained! These nappies are incredible.

The Tigernaut Jeans set consists of a size 2 pair of denim jeans and top, with fruit on the cuffs and pockets, and a cheeky caterpillar creeping around the side of the left leg. These are the new 'Tiger Two' jeans, which have a cuff featuring two different fabrics, different inside and out.

These items are currently up for auction here on Lesley's site. What a lucky bub the owner of these goodies will be! :D

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