Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taking stock

When I was home at the weekend, Mum and I went through a box of my beloved late Nan's sewing items (both my Nan, and Great Nanna were avid sewers).

Some of the items were exactly the same as I use (Gutermann threads, bias tape makers, etc), but we also found some gorgeous treasures (pictured above). We found wooden thread spools, old metal snaps, hooks and loops and loads and loads of buttons! She'd also saved all the zips she'd taken out of items of clothing - incredibly thrifty! We even found a scrap of fabric and buttons from my old primary school uniforms that she used to sew for us.

Its amazing how much easier sewing is for me that it would have been for my Grandmothers - I have a fully computerized sewing machine, sewing stores galore within a 10km radius, and the internet! I can buy any fabric imaginable, chat, network and collaborate with other sewers, and even have my own webstore! :P

I would have loved it if they could have had even a tiny peep at all of this!

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