Thursday, July 1, 2010

Something different

I thought it was about time to post a photo of something other than jeans!

Last month I participated in the Contemporary Handmade Alliance (CHA) craft swap, and decided to indulge my bag making fetish! I decided to make the Amy Butler Birdie Sling, as I'm a huge fan of bags that look fantastic as well as being able to fit the kitchen sink! (And I was desperately hoping my swap partner felt the same!!) I also love this bag as it fits nicely into your body, and you're not continually shifting it back onto your shoulder as you walk.

Take 1 - I made this one as a test to make sure it was going to work well: (Can you tell I'm obsessing over Amy Butler and Erin McMorris fabric at the moment? :D)

... and take 2, the final product for my swap partner. I used Riley Blake's Retro Umbrellas in Pink as well as Amy Butler's Green Martini for this one.

Happily, it turned out my swap partner is also a fan of a good sized bag, and emailed me to let me know it will be perfect for an upcoming getaway! I'm glad you like it Caitlin!

My swap partner is Caitlin of Craft Cat Cards and Invitations - please check out her gorgeous Aussie-made designs when you get a chance!

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Kristie said...

looks fabulous hon :)